Who else is a winter person here now? Well, I just love winters! All the layer styles, festive vibes oh and Christmas is my favourite time of the year, I just feel that this weather brings all people together. And, my favourite thing to do in this amazing season is to get some hot chocolate, a blanket and binge watch TV shows on Netflix. While everything is just about perfect during winters, there is one thing that really gets to me. Dry and itchy skin. I usually have combination skin type but it just gets extremely dry skin type during this season. Cool and dry air can leave your skin feeling itchy and can further cause rashes. This is why I follow a strict skincare routine. So, today I will talk to you guys about this one product that has changed my winter-care routine completely!
So honest confession- I love indulging in long bathing sessions. That is my go-to self-care routine which I follow at least once a week. I have recently switched to the new ITC Vivel Body Wash which not only gives me a luxurious bathing experience but also cleanses and moisturises my skin at the same time.

Who doesn’t like a luxurious bathing experience and that too without breaking the bank? Well, I totally love it! This product is retailed at Rs 40 INR for a 100 ml bottle and can actually be used for over 25+ washes. And, It comes with a free loofah.
The ITC Vivel body washes come in two different variants: Lavender + Almond and Cucumber + Mint. My favourite is the Lavender + Almond because of its amazing aroma.
Soaps can get really messy and the soap dishes aren’t really the best option because they can be very unhygienic if used by multiple people. So its much convenient to go with body wash. The best part about these body washes is that they come in a travel-friendly packaging. All you need to do is throw it in your bag and forget about it. It’s a quick fix for last-minute packers like me. Not just that, they are easily available at a supermarket near you. Well, if you ask me, I would definitely recommend you all to switch to a body wash because its much convenient and definitely #BetterThanSoap.

My winter care routine is completely different now, thanks to Vivel. I can’t believe how this tiny product has completely changed the way I look at skincare. I would totally recommend this product to everyone reading this. If you decide to give this a try then let me know in the comments section below.

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