Fervour for Style ft. ZIVAZA

Hellow Folks!

You would have caught yourself many times stalking people wearing fancy and luxury clothes, and wished to wear them one fine day, or you guys would have come across many celeb’s and fashion bloggers, influencers  flaunting in Classy outfit and you have desired to wear such classy and stylish outfits and flaunt but you just look at your wallet and be like nah not happening, come on let’s be frank I have said that couple of times when I was broke.(perks of being a student is getting broke) and there have been times when i have bought beautiful expensive dresses and outfits and just wore it once or twice, yes people we girls don’t like repeating clothes. It’s just a girls fact dont ask us why though.

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well, I came across Zivaza and was heavenly satisfied with their versatile and elegant outfits! for girls like me who don’t like repeating clothes or broke enough to afford a classy outfit for any important occasion this is the right spot, you get to rent their beautiful designer and high fashion brand’s outfits at friendly price. Now few people would think about the hygiene and the fittings, guys you can blindly go ahead with their outfit, with my personal experience I would rate 10/10 for the presentation and cleanliness. i enjoyed renting this elegant outfit for my special occasion which took place at my friend’s farmhouse, and had so much fun clicking pictures with this beautiful horse. Go head and have a look at my fervour for style with this beauty horse.

Processed with VSCO with a7 preset

Processed with VSCO with a7 preset




Processed with VSCO with a7 preset





Processed with VSCO with a7 preset

Yes I have infinite love towards horse’s than anyone and this was my best click with him, I just realised that he is such a poser man!


Hope you all like this post and yes head to zivaza.com to rent your outfit today. stay tuned on my Instagram(the_blunt_of_ombre) to know latest fashion updates.



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