The Slit Desire

Hellow folks!

There’s something that’s taken the fashion world by storm and its nothing like you’d imagine.

Today I shall be talking about the glamorous slit dress I have worn during my visit to goa. Having a blast on posh group vacay is what we all think about and tend to forget about our outfit for the perfect occasion.Well, not to worry guys! Here I am going to give some ideas for an ideal beach outfit and cover up!





not perfect but still a worthy candid


  1. Slit dress: Zara
  2. Black shorts: Goa flee market
  3. Flats: Roxy
  4. sunglasses: goa flee market
  5. watch: hublot (boyfriend’s watch)

As you guys can notice I have worn this elegant slit dress along with black tight shorts which totally channels with my beach look, underneath the dress I have worn peasant top with cage back which was comfortable for a beach play, after that I had a visit to church thus I wore this slit dress on my beach outfit which was comfortable and gave a versatile look, otherwise you guys can even go with thin stole drapped around the hips to ending tied behind the neck. As summer is around the corner I would like to give few tips/suggestion-

  • Go with thin material tops, stoles and shirts, which will give wide range of comfort.
  • light colors are preferable.
  • slits n cuts would enahance the look as well as make you look stylish!
  • flats and rubber slippers are heaven as you guys can notice in my pictures.
  • dont forget your must-have accessories: sunglasses, a sun-blocking hat and lots of sunscreen.


 and then there comes a perfect selfie with beach curls on point! *yay*

Hope so you folks like this post. If anyone of u try anything similar to this slit dress post feel free to tag me or Dm on Instagram( the_blunt_of_ombre ) I would love to view them.



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