It’s all about the skirts with a single buster! 

Hellow folks,

Today we shall talk about revolutionary fabric piece that is skirts. My fascination for skirts is renewed every season as skirts remain an all time favorite item of clothing worldwide, interestingly skirts have been around since the evolution of mankind. The rectangular piece of animals skin, leaves interwoven together and earliest form of fabric loosely woven tartans and skins wer wrapped around the waist and were the initial basic form of skirts. And by now, that is 2015 we have come across different forms of skirts. let it be juliet’s ballroom blossom skirt till Kim Kardashian’s nude pencil skirt. They are never out of trend girl!👌 For now I’m gonna briefly talk about my fav skirts paired with this beautiful buster crop top.

  • Leather Mini skirts 

Extremely stylish and a wardrobe basic is mini skirt, these skirts have held the fascination of men and fashion divas alike. While this one is made of leather with pretty pleats on them. These are similar to pleated skirts but they are not called as pleated skirt, as u can see there isn’t much accordion pleats. 

Brand: H&M 




  • Black Wrap skirt 

These skirts are fitted from waist till knew length. Body con skirt which gives a perfect fit and enhances the look.  It has folded layer, the reason why it’s called wrap skirt. Quiet a stable in a boardrooms, these are considered to be very stylish and non fussy and hence A popular choice classy look.

Brand: Forever 21 




  • Netted Gypsy skirt 

Trend alert girls! Oh yes this beautiful skirt is our present trend buzzing around. A-line, angle length skirts which have tiers with or without ruffles are gypsy skirts. Well this one is Little different,  It has tight skirt till thigh length and is been layered over by netted material till ankle length  giving it a unique look. I’m in love with this skirt! 

Brand: classic couture gallery(online store)   




Photo credit: Rohaan Setty  

It wouldn’t have been possible without Rohaan and Annie thank you guys. 

Hope so you folks like this post. If anyone of u try anything similar to this skirt post feel free to tag me or Dm on Instagram( shreyaaaa_21) I would love to view them. And sorry about the late update guys I had my exams. Next post will be up soon! 

xoxo ❤

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