Grunge Look With Cape!

Hellow folks!

So today is grunge day! yay yayaay!! And to make this look more grungy I just tagged along with this beautiful cape ❤


Grunge fashion is a fashion style that combines elements of punk mixed with inexpensive working class fabrics. It was seen as in fashion statement organised with funky stuffs, with more of darker shade and as time passed by people adapted this theme.



Well, Capes were common in medieval Europe, especially when combined with a hood in the chaperon, and have had periodic returns to fashion, and believe me they are like evergreen.Capes haven’t got boring – they’ve just become easier to wear. So less of the long blanket-y global-traveller stuff and more contemporary numbers and coat hybrids

If you want something that you can just fling on – and the best thing about capes is that you can quite literally do that, which is great for huffy.Take a look at my grunge look, along with this geometric shape cape of mine. 








Picture taken at Portland Steakhouse 


This was my outfit guys, when I had been out with my friends for lunch, hope so you guys like this post and if you guys are gonna try something in grunge look, hashtag #GoFabulous or tag me on instagram ( Shreyaaaa_21 ) I would love to view them!

xoxo ❤


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