Easy and Quick No-Heat Hairstyle’s

Hellow Folks!

Today I’m gonna show you guys easy and quick hair-do for all types of hair, well my hair is not too long or too short its just medium-sized and I’m way too lazy to spend much time on hairstyle during casual days and I know many of you are like me so I thought ial share some quick hairstyles with no electronic machines required and among them few doesn’t take more than 5 minutes! quick right? Sweet let’s do it then.

Hair-Care Products


A lot of them have been asking me about what do I do to my hair, which shampoo & conditioner do I use and other stuffs so I thought let me just put it up here, I used to have a lot of hair fall so I went around and tried many shampoos and hair mask and in end I settled using Schwarzkopf products as they were professional shampoo and had all the solutions for my hair problems along with them I useMoroccan argon oil. Well, Everyone would’nt prefer Schwarzkopf products but trust me Moroccan oil is like must, just add few drops along with coconut oil or any other oil and use it twice or thrice a week it make your hair much healthier and smoother, do give a try.

1. No-Heat Curls 


This is like my all time favorite one, I used to have natural straight hair before so I used to just leave them or tie them up, later on I got a haircut done. I dunno about anyone but when ever I get a new hair cut, it always screws up my hairstyle and as expected my new hairstyle and hair colour changed my daily routine and it wasnt straight anymore it was all wavy and weird so I started with random hairstyle and guess what? I’m liking a new me everyday. so let’s get started with this hair-do!

After I wash my hair I just let them dry by themself, I used to use dryer and it just made my hair worst, if you guys are using dryer in regular base please don’t do it!! Coming back to hair-do, when it’s almost dried but kinda wet (not to wet) I just twist my hair and ial make a bun and leave for an hour or more and open it when im ready to go out and viola u shall get this natural curls. This is like my everyday look to spice it up I just add nude lipstick n go to college.

2. Nerdy-Look 



Easy go hair-do when u are bored n wanna go like cute lil nerd, grab a hair tie and some them up on a side wer u are comfortable and tie them up, as I use these glasses once in a while… I just paired them along for this nerdy look.

3. Messy Cute braids



I’m damn sure most of u know to do simple 3 layer braids, people usually find braids boring so to make it look lil funky I went around and pulled out straits in between and stretched them apart which gave volume to my hair making it look stylish and comfy and im ready to go out in sun!

4. Bumpy Hair


11020757_1649726595263107_5565914208163777972_n 6'


This is my fancy favorite hairstyle, it looks like I have spent a lot of time on it but trust me I just did it in like less than 3 mins because I have such volumed hair I don’t need to do much for this bump I just held the ends of either sides and lifted them with central hair then twisted and clipped them, while people who have thin hair and smooth silky hair they should do a bit of work here. Take a nice hair brush and start back combing the portion where u need a bump, separate them into certain layers like 2 or 3 and back comb each one of them and then hold them together tightly and clip them. If u want it to stay for a long time use hair spray.

5. Chicky Bun




Simple yet Elegant, this summer I have been so obsessed with bun but I don’t like repeating the same hair-do so I thought let me make it look different, pulled out few hair straits and combed my hair & twisted them together,then clipped them to spice it up I used this hair tie and notted them around in a bow shape. Yes now im ready to face the sun with my super cool hair-do along with my shades.

hope so you guys liked this hair-do, if u guys try them do tag me on instagram so I can see them (Instagram : Shreyaaaa_21) and stay tuned for next post!



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