Hellooow folks! guess what? its summerrrrrrr………..

As summer has arrived, shopping is the must! we don’t wanna wear winter jackets right? so I went out with my sister and got few comfy clothing for this summer and trust me FOREVER 21 store has come up with some crazy spring-summer collection.And this is what i got for myself!!!


We all know that summer heat brings out the sweat in our body, and we don’t like it when we are out.I don’t know about you guys but I sweat a lot like aaa….lot and I don’t want to get more exhausted, so I went along and bought few crop tops which are like super thin and shorts which are like comfortable and looks sexy 😉 & not to forget!!!! moisturizer ‘s are like must in summer, as you go out in sun our skin gets exposed to sunlight and during summer the sun rays are really effective, we tend to get tan and experience dry n chappy skin to avoid all that sunscreen and lotions are basic essentials.

I had been out with my friends, well I stay in Bangalore(India) and mostly known as The garden city.It would be totally unfair if I don’t visit a garden like duh!! so we went out in garden and we were able to capture few pictures in this outfit! take a look at it.

edited image 2

pic md


As we cannot predict our beautiful Bangalore weather(yes you cannot!) I didn’t wanted to mess with my metallic coat shoes so I swapped them with flat boots! you shall get to look at it in further images. And yes it rained around late afternoon(as I doubted), I was just glad I wore boots along with my metallic tattoos. Oh yes i forgot to mention about my obsession with metallic tattoos, as they have become the new trend and it goes along with the rainy weather, u can even match them along with beach outfits and play in water and show off your tattoo’s.well, I wanted to make it look simple so I used 2 tattoos like each on my hands! I’m sure u guys didnt notice, just check them out now!


                                                                      Metallic tattoos   

edited image

  pic monkey 3


This was a candid picture and yeah I like it! So just don’t freak out looking at it! common now everyone deserves a candid.


Hope so you guys liked this outfit, if you people have any suggestions please do comment below or on my instagram posts (Shreyaaaa_21) Stay tuned for the next post……

xoxo ❤

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