Girl, go black this summer!

Hola folks!

Today we shall talk about all our mandatory colour, yes you guys guessed it right its black!

That Black & White is The Trend this season and is no news flash to anyone, but wait… can we assume that Black (and black alone) is a Trend this season? Can we talk about a Summer in Black? I’m sure a summer in White for that matter is way more appropriate, hence the tons of white dresses and all the clothing attire in retail this season. Yet… black has never been so cool and OK to pull off in Summer, as it is in 2015.


Well… perhaps apart from those 90’s grunge times, which, anyway are sort of back. I would presume (unable to contain my excitement) that due to a lot of fashion signs happening out there (PUNK met gala, Punk/Rock/Grunge Street Styles, loads of non-colors on the catwalk for this season, loads of dark tones) – it is safe to say that in 2015 it will be OK (actually cool) to wear Black in the middle of Summer. OMG… what took you so long, Trends? 


well well! u guys would be wondering what I’m I wearing? normally folks wear black crop tops and lose black tops or skater skirt or slit skirt. So i thought let me do something unique and fashionable, i pulled out this long slit dress from classic couture(online shopping store) and paired it with my D I Y  ripped Denim. Oh yes guys that denim is self-made inexpensive one!



Recently I have been noticing this new obsession with people taking ripped denim and shorts. I got a couple of ripped denim from ONLY and  NOISY MAY (Vero Moda) One pair alone costed me 4,000 I didn’t think a lot about it then, Later on i thought of trying this by myself i just grabbed a pair of scissors and an old denim of mine and Voila i did this denim. if you guys wanna know how to make this pant u can like this post and share. I shall do it for u guys in my next post.


Comfortable to wear, and looks stylish!



Keeping it really clean and simple, i paired my black slit dress with self-made denim and beige color pump (heels) it gave a pretty decent lift to my outfit! Making it look sexy enough for a brunch day or just a hangout day.


And about accessories as I said simple n clean, I used this big fat ring with a huge stone on it, along with a pair of stone earrings. If you guys want u can go with a nice bauble necklace or a huge hand cuff or any sort of accessory but remember not make it too chunky, cause girl u don’t wanna mess with your look.


And last but not the least not to mess with summer makeup, well so I decided to go with lotus foundation base sunscreen ( SPF 70 ) if you’re going out in evening go with color bar foundation or anything which suit’s your skin but personally I would suggest colour-bar products cause they are really light and good for skin. And some eyeliner if you like to apply, along with our beautiful matte red lipstick. what is it without a pinch of red right? so I went with this newly launched Lo’real lipstick. It’s the exact red colour I was looking for…well yaay! I got it!!


This is how red lip colour lighted up my pictures!


Fashion is not bounded by rules, u can style yourself with anything and any colour if u know how to co-ordinate and play with colors! make sure it looks good on you! keep it simple, yet classy!


Hope so this post will help you guys to re-arrange your fashion statement! remember guys there is no rules, do what you like!

xoxo ❤


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