The Body Shop products and there reviews

body shop 2

The Body Shop is the brand that is so very much loved and demanded in India! Body Shop India is a brand famous for offering natural and organic beauty products for Men and Women. I have been using products from this store since few years and I’m loving it! My all time favorite is Shea body products and green tea tree products


body shop

This above Body Shop box consists of –

  • Shea Body wash

When I’m home, I usually use soap and carry body wash when I go travelling, it makes my skin so much better after shower and keeps me fresh all day long,  it has this unique butter scent which  makes me smell too yummy  *people actually grab my hand and smell at times*

  • Shea Karite Beurre Corporel (body butter)

This is incredibly moisturizing. Although it can get a bit sticky, after a while it does sink in and and my (very) dry skin stays moisturized even into the next day. It has a clean floral scent that is pleasant, but kinda strong. Overall, really nice.

  •  Shea body scrub

This new reformulated oil-based soft textured body scrub contains loads of exfoliating salt grains. Instant relief from itchy dry skin and trust me I’ve tried it all ! Pretty much every scrub in the market that claims to target these issues . Nothing worked until this little crock of heaven ! Soaks in and does leave you feeling sticky for a while . Just hydrated and comfortable.

  • Savon Karite (Shea soap)

My better half, like literally! I use it everyday and im so used to this soap and scent that i dont feel like changing my soap. Makes my skin glow and hydrated usually people tent to get dry skin after shower, well guys this soap just kicks off the dryness and makes it smooth and shine, On top of those obvious benefits I get to smell yummylicious! Holy Grail item !


face wash

All are not blessed with good skin, most of the people experience acne problems and after the pimple is gone they leave out dark spot. I have been having this skin problem since my high school, i used so many products and trust me nothing worked for me, and even if it worked it was for a short period of time. Then my older sister got me this tiny bottle of magic which helped me out a lot along with my mother’s homemade facewash receipe…..took months together to get rid of the acne issues. And my skin is so much better now 🙂

Well this was my review about few products from body shop hope so this will help you guys.

xoxo ❤


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